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Silver Lining?

Many are noting that there have been two camps developing among those who oppose the health control bill regarding the SCOTUS ruling yesterday. One thinks John Roberts is a genius, others are calling him a traitor.

My take is that we lost SCOTUS long ago as a guardian of the Constitution. So, I’m pretty much in a agreement with Rand Paul that it doesn’t matter what five (or even if it were nine) black-robed tyrants think about the Constitutionality of a law.

This ruling was no exception. An egregious example of how far SCOTUS has veered from the Constitution and from protecting individual liberty.

So, putting aside this poor ruling, admitting it is a loss as a whole, with the tiny victory of the Commerce Clause not being expanded any further, it is possible for Congress to act to put this human rights violation behind us.

It’s a strategy I hadn’t thought of, and will likely require a GOP President. Sadly, the presumptive nominee is such a wobbly-legged, political-wind-checker that it’s still no slam dunk. But since the court has put the lie to statement that this is not a tax, this can now be passed by the Senate with a simple 51-vote majority via the reconciliation process.

Thank you, Jim DeMint for being willing throw this back in the regressives’ faces. And since this is unequivocally a tax, now, the process is legitimate.

Take that, Pelosi. No pole vaulting or parachuting in this time.

It’s Not Your Salesmanship, It’s What Your Selling

To Rangel and company, you’re trying to sell us shit and convince us it’s Shinola.

“It gives us the opportunity to re-sell the bill which we did not do before,” he added. More

You’re dreaming, Mr. Definition-of-Corruptocrat. You tried to sell it. My own former congressman tried to condescendingly tell me why this health control bill was good for everyone in a five paragraph letter — a month after I called to register my opposition to the atrocity — wherein he never once mentioned the Constitution. The last line of my letter to Mr. Etheridge was, “In sum: You’re Fired.” And so he was.

To to the regressives now in control of the Senate and the White House and who hope to regain the House of Representatives: You’re Fired. And that goes for weasels like Dick Lugar, as well.